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      We believe that health, safety and environment at the workplace are extremely essential for all individuals engaged at work. We believe that such an environment will lead to overall quality improvement and growth of the organization. In order to attain and maintain a high standard of safety, health and environment at the workplace, the following measures are maintained:


  1. All employees are adequately instructed about their duties and are trained in various aspects of safety, health and environment.
  2. All staff work in factory premises strictly adheres the safety manual.
  3. Safety, Health and Environment issues are integrated with all management decisions, especially in the selection procedure of materials, machinery, equipment and also selection/placement of personnel.
  4. Necessary personal protective equipment is provided to employees and that is regularly used.
  5. All the relevant statutory requirements as per various mandatory acts are met.
  6. Potential hazards are periodically assessed and necessary precautionary measures are taken proactively.
  7. Interest and enthusiasm in safety efforts are promoted by recognition of good safety performance.


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